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It's My Sweet Sixteen, Let's Get Lit!

All teens can't wait until their sixteenth birthday so let's setup your passes, tickets, necklaces, lanyards or whatever type of invite you have in mind to give to those VIP guest for your party.  #lit #turnup. Most of our Sweet Sixteen invitations are $1-$3 each.

It's A Party!

Whether its a birthday party or a baby shower, Elite can design any form of invitation for you. From tickets to picture invites, designing your invite or announcement will be our priority. Most Birthday party invitations are $1-$2 each.

Welcome to Invitations by Elite!

Elite specializes in making customized invitations for any occasions. From wedding invitations to birthday parties to a Sweet 16 invitation, we will design your invitation just for You! We offer various packages and designs and we can meet with you to decide on the paper cut, quality, fold, envelope label and design to determine what is the best fit for You! We offer a variety a wedding invitations including the traditional flat invitations to the elegant laser cut designs. View the different types of invitations and things we offer below. If you want to setup a consultation to order some invitations give us a call or send us an email and we will contact you within 48 hours. Thanks for choosing Invitations by Elite!

Your Wedding Day...

We know how special your day is and we want to add that special touch to make your day extravagant and elegant. We have multiple wedding invitations and packages to match your wedding design, theme, and colors. We will make your invitations exquisite and unique just for you. This website doesn't have your normal design template to choose from. Elite will design your invitations from your vision with a Specialized Wedding Design Consultant.  ​​Click Here to choose a date to meet with your Private Design Consultant. At your wedding consultation you can view some designs to get an idea of wedding designs.

Prices range from $1.00 - $3.00 an invitation depending upon the amount and the complexity of the invitation. Send us a message and we will give you exact amount based upon your design. 

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